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I'm a confessed poet.  I can get away with it because I'm retired and have got some money coming in.  Otherwise I'd warn anyone not to try it, unless you have a really good day job.  I went the route of getting writing degrees and years of working as a paid writer or teacher of one sort or another and I'd be happy to chat with anyone about those kind of options.

I've lived through twelve American presidents and I've seen my share of international upheavals, cultural clashes, and literary movements.  Now I spend my time trying to sort out what it all meant, and writing about it.  I write poems in the outside world as well as here, on the net.  The only difference is that on the outside I am still straight.  Yeah, I'm part of that generation.  Give me a break.

Why poetry?  Well, one reason is that I'm older than dirt and my memory isn't all that great, and when I tried to write stories I would always forget where I was going with it and the characters would take over.  They would tell their stories, and I wanted to tell mine.  Most poems occupy a single page, and I can deal with that.  Another reason is that poetry is the only legal way I know of exposing myself, and I do enjoy that...

- James Merkin


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