Sorry, kid, I didn't see you.

Sorry, you'll just have to do it over.

Sorry, you can't have a pet.

Sorry, you can't go and that's final.

Sorry, you know your father‘s very busy.

Sorry, maybe next year.

Sorry, you'll have to find your own ride.

Sorry, were you saving that?

Sorry, we're going to move.

Sorry I haven't written.


You sorry piece of sh...

Sorry, I thought they knew.

Sorry, this seat is taken.

Sorry to inform you that your application...

Sorry, I thought you knew I was going.

Sorry, I have to work late again tonight.

Sorry, you should just go ahead without me.

Sorry, I can't do this.

Sorry, it isn't you; it's me.

Sorry, did you say something?


Sorry for your loss.




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