Below you will find a list of all of my stories currently online.  Please pay attention to the ratings and warning codes beneath each story and do not read them unless you are sure the story is appropriate for you.  Please note that stories listed as in-progress (I/P) or coming soon (C/S) are given temporary warning codes that may change at any time as chapters are added.



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This story is a sequel to Jesse's Year: A single day can sometimes last a lifetime...


Word Count: 5,554

Published: 04 Aug 2010



This story is a sequel to Jesse's Loss: A moment Jesse has been waiting for finally arrives, but brings with it profound change...


Word Count: 9,156

Published: 18 Dec 2010



When you're thirteen a year can seem like forever...


Word Count: 6,208

Published: 15 Jun 2010



The unlikely friendship of a young boy and an old man leads both to experience profound change...


Word Count: 14,787

Published: 26 Feb 2012



Some relationships can never thaw...


Word Count: 350

Published: 28 Jan 2011



We may leave behind more than one kind of legacy...


Word Count: 639

Published: 05 Feb 2010



Sometimes a moment in time seems like forever


Word Count: 506

Published: 29 Jan 2009



A brief encounter with style and substance...


Word Count: 568

Published: 01 Oct 2009



A date for the Prom is a ritual the entire family can get into...


Word Count: 797

Published: 18 Oct 2011


Leadership may be called upon anytime...


Word Count: 291

Published: 16 Jan 2009



Successful communication can produce unsought results...


Word Count: 188

Published: 29 Jan 2010



What is the price of admiration?


Word Count: 216

Published: 16 Jan 2009